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Diaspora in Action

Welcome to Diaspora in Action

Join our community of engaged Tunisians 🇹🇳 to exchange ideas & join efforts to make an impact

Who we are?

Diaspora in Action is a non-profit organisation based physically in Berlin and digitally everywhere 😉

Our vision

A prosperous Tunisia

Our Mission

Contribute to progress in Tunisia through:

  • Exchanging knowledge
  • Enabling collaboration
  • Consolidating the Tunisian diaspora community worldwide

Our Values

We not only believe in integrity but we also practice it. We think that upholding inclusion and non-partisanship inspires trust and respect. We also hold ourselves and our partners accountable, and walk the extra mile to deliver impactful, scalable and sustainable results.

What is this place? 🤔

On this platform, we host a supportive community of Tunisians 🇹🇳 (in and outside Tunisia) to exchange ideas, share competences, and join efforts towards making a change in our home country. 

Our platform is digital, easy to use, inclusive and 100% conceived and sponsored by young Tunisians from the diaspora.

You are an engaged Tunisian from the diaspora who needs to get inspired, collaborate and move to action? You are in the right place. You will learn, connect, and collaborate with other Tunisians who share your interests and motivations.

The Team

Hi There 👋

We are a multidisciplinary Team of Tunisians living in Europe who believe in the power of communities to make a positive impact.

If you want to know more about who we are, join the network NOW 👆

What else?

In addition to managing this online community, we host Diaspora Talks, a series of webinars and podcasts 🎙 where we invite inspiring individuals and subject matter experts to discuss up-to-date issues.

Check our latest releases of the webinar on Youtube and of the podcast on Spotify.


You can reach out to us via email: [email protected]

You can also check our social media profiles:

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